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“Regional coffee” is coffee that is grown in a specific geographical region and has unique flavor, aroma, and body characteristics due to the climatic, soil, and altitude conditions in which it is grown.

Each coffee-producing region has its own coffee varieties, cultivation processes, and processing techniques that affect the taste and quality of the coffee. Therefore, regional coffee is highly valued by coffee lovers for its distinctive and unique flavors and aromas.


Micro lots” are small quantities of coffee produced on a specific farm and processed separately from the rest of the harvest. These microlots are often of high quality and have unique characteristics that differentiate them from other coffees. Micro lots are a common practice among specialty coffee producers, as it allows them to showcase the diversity and quality of their products, as well as obtain a higher price for their coffee. Micro lots can be produced by a variety of methods, including manual selection of ripe cherries, dry processing, or wet processing with controlled fermentation. Micro lots are often sold at special auctions or through direct agreements with buyers specialized in high-quality coffee. These buyers value the uniqueness and quality of microlots and are willing to pay a premium price for them.